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Clinica Visualiza - Robert Miller

Robert Miller, Springfield, MO. USA. Because of the high cost of medical treatment in the United States, and the high cost of insurance premiums People like myself are forced with the ultimate question..What do I do if I need medical attention and can't afford it?  This was my case. I had a torn and detached retina, and had lost all vision in my right eye.... Not a good thing. The cost here in the states (without insurance) would have bankrupted me... So not wishing to be half blind for the rest of my life I had to try to find a way... After weighing all options, I elected to go abroad for care. My family and friends thought I was crazy and they were Rightfully concerned.  My quest, led me to Clinica Visualiza in Costa Rica. Under the care of one Dr. Zlatko Piskulich.  Folks, I got very lucky....what I found was a very intelligent, professional man, with an office of very helpful staff.. AT NO TIME did I feel I was in any danger, in anyway, after seeing his office and meeting him and staff I knew I got lucky and made the right choice in coming.  His O.R. team was impressive and put me ease. .If you’re reading this, and have to make the same choice, you can stop, and you have found it. I cannot praise them enough!!!   My surgery was a success and I can see again!! What a relief!
I swear this statement is a truthful account.

Robert Miller
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Clinica Visualiza - Enrique Rodriguez
Cirugia LASIK para eliminar el uso de anteojos y lentes de contacto.

“Sufrí de miopía alrededor de 25 años y con la cirugía de LASIK me quité de encima los lentes de contacto y anteojos. Esta me devolvió una visión de 20/20, con un resultado inmediato y una recuperación de tan solo unas cuantas horas. Definitivamente, fue una excelente decisión”.

Enrique Rodriguez / Presentador de tv
San Jose, Costa Rica. | Sabana West, 100 mts. South from Teletica Canal 7.
In Costa Rica Toll Free: (506) 800 - VER 20-20 | Toll free in USA: 1-(877)275-8247 | Email:

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