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The YAG laser is used to treat a condition of cataract surgery known as posterior capsular haze or posterior capsule opacity. The capsule contains the lens of the eye and the front part is opened during cataract surgery to remove the lens. A new intraocular lens then can be placed inside the capsule through the same, tiny incision. Although every effort is made to keep the capsule clear, cloudiness or opacity occurs at the incision site in about 20% of patients, at some time after surgery.

YAG laser capsulotomy is a relatively straightforward procedure which effectively remedies haze or opacity of the capsule. The laser creates an opening in the center of the cloudy capsule, removing the opacity from your line of sight without making an incision or "touching" the eye. The painless procedure takes only a few minutes allowing patients to resume normal activity immediately. Most patients see instant improvement in their vision, while others experience a gradual improvement over a few days.

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